The Kingdom of Loathing

Our flagship game, a free-to-play web-based MMORPG. We have been constantly refining and adding content to it for the past decade-plus.

West of Loathing

Available now on Steam (for Win/Mac/Linux) and the Nintendo Switch, WoL is an animated single-player adventure RPG set in the Wild West of the Loathing universe.

Check out the Steam launch trailer, teaser trailer, and preview trailer, or maybe the Switch launch trailer!

Shadows Over Loathing

Available now on Steam (for Win/Mac) and the Nintendo Switch, SoL is another single-player adventure RPG set in the Loathingverse. This one takes place in the prohibition era and is full of mobsters, monsters, and mysteries.

Check out the trailer and the Switch launch trailer!


An educational roleplaying game full of dumb jokes enjoyable by all ages. Made in collaboration with Touch Press Games, and formerly available on iOS devices, it's now an Amazon Alexa game, apparently? Check out the old trailer (from before it became an audio game, somehow)!

Word Realms

A single-player role-playing-game where words are your weapons, and also your spells and stuff.