Zack "Jick" Johnson


Zack likes video games and making video games. And podcasts. He can be found on Twitter at @zapjackson.

Kevin "HotStuff" Simmons

Business Manager, Producer, Designer

Kevin is always spinning hats, wearing plates, and mixing metaphors. He wishes he had come up with a better nickname in 2004.

Riff "Riff" (Riff) Conner

Writer, Designer, Puzzle Architect

Riff writes puzzles and dialogue and doesn't afraid of anything.

C. D. "CDMoyer" Moyer

Programmer (Wizard)

Chris has programmed a dice roller in dozens of languages and on dozens of platforms since that first TRS-80 Model 100 in 1984.

Wes Cleveland


Wes likes cartoons, retro-gaming, and complaining about "The Man".

Patrick "Pezboy" Fjeld

Customer Service

Patrick enjoys serving customers, with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Multi Czar


He is watching you.

Hall of Fame
Josh "Mr. Skullhead" Nite

Writer, Designer

Josh writes the writing parts of video games and comics, is the father of an evil genius, and really enjoys installing hardwood floors.

Roy "Vatolobo" Wasson Valle


Roy likes to draw and paint and make little animals that look like toys.