Meet the Hobos
(special thanks to John Hodgman)

Normal: Hizzonner Stanley Tyler

Hot: Scorched-Earth Johnny, the Roman Candelabra

Cold: Roy Adams, the Witch's Teat in a Cast-Iron Bra

Stench: Joe Waldorf, the Guy Who Eats Nothing But Limburger Cheese

Spooky: Frankenstein's Davenport "Collywobbles" Draper

Sleazy: Grabby Ferris "Small Hands" Simon, the Suggestive Winker

Crimbo: Merry Gustavbor Navidad, the Festively Festooned

The Hoboverlord sez: Say... Weightlifters IN the milk. Tell me... Gotta play with the mushroom. Shhhhhh...

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