I hope this letter finds you well. (My cousin made me write that.)

We had some guy from the college come today and talk about pledging Phi Sigma Chi, the big fraternity over there. I said I had enough friends without buying any, which was pretty funny, until he said he could tell that wasn't true just looking at me. It would've been okay if my former best friend Chuckie Harding had stuck up for me. Whatever. I have friends! I've got you, anyway.

Matty has been trying to get me into remixing model robots for ages, so I gave it a shot. After a few tries, though, I'm pretty aghast with it.

I got clobbered at racketball practice today, because I was watching the cheerleaders practice nearby -- mainly Brooklyn Randolph, but they all look amazing. I'm really jealous of Mason, the only guy cheerleader. He gets to lift the girls up by their butts and all sorts of stuff! I have no idea how he manages to concentrate on the routines.