I hope that your grandmother is fresh as the morning dew. (My cousin made me write that.)

Are you good at video games? I can't beat Area 13-2 of Solid Age 2. It's got platforms that disappear and too many turrets and IF you make it to the boss he shoots you with missiles and if he kills you, you have to go all the way back to the beginning! Arrrrrrrrrgh!! Mom heard me yelling at it and said if I wasn't having fun I should stop playing. Parents just don't understand video games!

Patty came by the fort today and asked to come in, but Jack said she should go comb her pet gerbil instead. She got real mad, but what do you expect? The signs clearly state "NO GIRLS ALLOWED". (Well, except for Cammy, but she's basically one of the guys so she gets an exception.)