I hope that your bro' is as strong as a mighty oak. (That's a traditional Distant Lands greeting!)

Mom made creamed kimchee for dinner again. Yuck! She said I couldn't go play Mortal Galaxy 15 until I'd cleaned my plate, so I had to choke it down. When I grow up I'm just gonna eat Gummi Fudge Shards for every meal!

That big bully Freddy Paulson took my lunch money and tore up my copy of Fightin' Leonard Danger and the Lightning Friends today. I hate him so much! Mr. McFarland says if you ignore a bully, he'll lose interest. My dad says that's a crock of bullcrap (except he didn't say bullcrap, he said a bad word) and that the only way to deal with a bully is to smash his guts in. He's really big though! Maybe I should take some wen-fu lessons.