Meet the Hobos
(special thanks to John Hodgman)

Normal: Prostate Earl "Railroad Tracks" Clinton, the Bird-Headed Fool

Hot: Red "JabaƱero" Stemple, the Molten Man

Cold: Abominable Dunstan "Blizzard" Meadows, the Hobo Who Looks a Bit Like a Penguin

Stench: Newton Wilson, the Dead Man, Judging by the Smell

Spooky: Skeletal Larry "Heebie-Jeebies" Pennington, the Hobo of the Shadow of Death

Sleazy: Too-Much-Pomade Johnny Peterson

Crimbo: Bowl-Full-of-Jelly Slimdir, the Festively Festooned

The Hoboverlord sez: Have you seen Mr. SPITZNER? Lost the clubs. Napoleon's gonna be mad. Careful...

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