Meet the Hobos
(special thanks to John Hodgman)

Normal: Slimneck Simon "Calamity" Isaacson

Hot: Hotter-Than-The-Sun Eddie "Acetylene" Durden, the Dry Heat

Cold: Frigid Huckleberry, the Hobosicle

Stench: Sewerbaby Hubie "Nauseating Bouquet" Haggard

Spooky: Frightful Dookie Sullivan

Sleazy: Clayton "Astro-Glide" White, the Guy Who Was Kicked Out of the Frat House for Misogynistic Behavior

Crimbo: Toy-Train-Makin' Curlyras "Sugarplum" Piebaker, the Snowman Builder

The Hoboverlord sez: I know Grandpa. One time... Gotta park the shirt.

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