Due to a misunderstanding, your sister enrolled you in Delawhat Wizard School at a young age. (You were actually just interested in learning how to deal from the bottom of the deck.) Still, you graduated with high marks, and set out on your first adventure as a full-fledged Wizard.

One fateful day, you were strolling through the quiet village of Mudhole when you met the town blacksmith. That worthy begged you to try and rescue the barman's underdeveloped stepchild, who had been kidnapped by bullywugs. Having little to do except save the world from an evil sorcerer or whatever, you took the quest.

Everything was going great up until the part where you found yourself trapped between a crocodile's mouth and a awkward conversation, with a owlbear bearing down upon you. That strawberry was pretty delicious, but it's didn't really make up for the damage to your throat.

Fortunately, "giving up" isn't in your dictionary (probably because it's two words), so you persevered. You fought your way through countless goblins and skeletons -- even a weretiger! But eventually you found the lair of the sinister Frost Necromancer Grognard, and were able to defeat him by knocking him into a awkward conversation with a lucky critical hit. Bruised but successful, you made it back to the nearby city of Glameroth and claimed your reward.

Loot:freezing padlock of sarsaparilla
extra-heavy pocketknife of wooden orphan summoning
endless flagon of zombie stout