As a child, you exhibited a normal of unusual talents, including the ability to Three Leaf Clover the first day you picked up a yo-yo. So your parents, creeped out by your paranormal abilities, enrolled you in Shuntington Wizard School. Before long, you earned your Gamma of Silver and could set out to make your fortune.

At the tiny tavern on the outskirts of the Village of Klatch, you were trapped in a conversation with a man who had clearly had more than his fill of firewater. He told you about the great plague of tigers that had beset the entire region of Waltermatthau, and of the rumor that the evil Marquis Grognard was the source of the unpleasantness. You resolved to find the villain and dispatch him, mostly to get the drunk guy to shut up.

You were kickin' ass and chewin' bubblegum until you had to actually go in the dungeon. That was when you fell in a sphere of annihilation, got attacked by goblins, and got your eye bitten off by a beholder.

But all that drama couldn't stop you. You'd never given up on anything, not even your childhood quest to wax all the banana slug in your hometown of Dogspittle. So you kept going, right into the tannery of the evil Wizard Grunwold. Fortunately for you, he was out for lunch at the time, so you could grab some loot and get out before you got your thigh handed to you.

Loot:+23 bracers of brilliance
sword of lordly polyamory
limitless brazier of forthrightness