When you were growing up in the little town of Ironforge, you always wanted to be a mighty Sorcerer. You ended up being a Fighter instead, because you didn't have the right prime requisites.

You headed off into the wild wilderness of Hambonia in search of adventure, and upon your arrival at the great city of Morcestecershire you heard a town crier shouting about how the the village idiot's raven-haired second cousin had been kidnapped by hobos, and the massive reward for their rescue. Not wanting to get in the way of the plot railroad, you set out on your new quest.

You weren't having any problems until you got your nipple caught in a succubus and had to gnaw it off to escape. Fortunately, you don't need that to be a hero... but you will sort of miss it.

Fortunately, "giving up" isn't in your dictionary (probably because it's two words), so you persevered. You fought your way through countless jocks and hobgoblins -- even a hellhound! But eventually you found the lair of the sinister Devil Wizard Mephistor, and were able to defeat him by knocking him into a cookie jar with a lucky critical hit. Bruised but successful, you made it back to the nearby city of Winklesbury and claimed your reward.

Loot:masterwork nunchuks of contemptful brilliance
+5 gauntlets of wimpy invisibility
+5 boots of lightning