It was hard growing up as a squire's son in the tiny hamlet of Cheddarwurst, in the land of Farc'b'n. The other children mocked you because of your glasses and asthma, but you would have the last laugh when you grew up to be a mighty Wizard! (Which you did.)

At the tiny tavern on the outskirts of the Village of Ironforge, you were trapped in a conversation with a man who had clearly had more than his fill of zima. He told you about the great plague of hagfish that had beset the entire region of Llewllamarall, and of the rumor that the evil Troll Morgar was the source of the unpleasantness. You resolved to find the villain and dispatch him, mostly to get the drunk guy to shut up.

It was pretty easy, but then you wandered into a room totally full of thieves, plus a shoggoth, which is weird because you would have figured they'd have killed each other. They made a pretty good attempt at killing you, though.

However, you managed to overcome the odds (and your injuries), and after a lengthy crawl through a strip mall infested with bullywugs, you finally came upon the lair of the Dark Sorcerer Goldthwait, who was guarding the object of your quest. The evil fiend fell before your handaxe, and the land was finally free of his foul shenanigans. You made your way back to civilization, and basked in the glory of your success (and the reward money).

Loot:bastard yo-yo of lizardman slaying
invisible boots of endless infravision
+11 shoes of gypsy control