When you were growing up in the little town of Piehole, you always wanted to be a mighty Paladin. You ended up being a Fighter instead, because you didn't have the right prime requisites.

As luck would have it, as you were passing through the land of Waxton, you stopped at the inn in the quiet hamlet of Spazmotic, and heard the local farmhand talking about the ancient pyramid that the town had (perhaps ill-advisedly) been built next to, and the fantastic Topaz Idol of Grimtooth that was purported to be hidden there. Without bothering to ask why nobody had managed to recover it already, you set out on your very first quest.

It was pretty easy, but you soon were confounded by a fiendish hurl-birds-at-pigs puzzle, and by the time you figured out to solve it, you were disappointed as an underfed tarantula.

However, you managed to overcome the odds (and your injuries), and after a lengthy crawl through a tomb infested with indigent native tribesmen, you finally came upon the lair of the Black Troll Angerraccoon, who was guarding the object of your quest. The evil fiend fell before your Greyhawk Army knife, and the land was finally free of his foul shenanigans. You made your way back to civilization, and basked in the glory of your success (and the reward money).

Loot:shoulderpads of florid polyamory
extra-heavy ankleguard of mediocrity
sword of gunslinger summoning