You grew up on the big streets of the great Emerald City, where contrary to popular belief, the streets are mainly paved with horse dung. Well, at least in your neighborhood. Small wonder you grew up to be a professional Thief.

Your life changed one day, changed irrevocably -- and perhaps not for the better -- when you were wandering down the quaint bucolic dusty paths of the tiny farming village of Madlib. There, you met a farmer's nubile daughter, who gave you broad hints as to the last known location of the long-lost Sapphire Gorilla. Recognizing the street value of such a rare treasure, you set off to find it.

It wasn't a thing until you got attacked by more ents than you could handle. You were lucky to get out of there with your elbow intact!

But all that drama couldn't stop you. You'd never given up on anything, not even your childhood quest to clean all the tarantula in your hometown of Piehole. So you kept going, right into the tannery of the evil Knight Arc'klor. Fortunately for you, he was out for lunch at the time, so you could grab some loot and get out before you got your kidney handed to you.

Loot:wimpy bowl of contempt
handaxe of fireballs
chicken-scented yo-yo of hobgoblin slaying