Even though you were a fat child, you always wanted to become a Fighter, like your father and his father before him. You got your wish when your hometown of Cowpat was attacked by a horde of Demon Rats. You got your ankle handed to you, but it cemented your desire to fight.

You rode into the city of Fandanzia, and met a shadowy stranger in a hooded cloak who was sitting in the corner of the local bar. He told you about the legendary Silver Giraffe of Cavill, which is rumored to be hidden in an ancient pyramid near the village of Stubborn Mule, and promised you a hefty fee if you could bring it to him. Figuring he wouldn't offer you the quest if it weren't level-appropriate, you readily agreed.

It wasn't a thing until you got attacked by more ents than you could handle. You were lucky to get out of there with your throat intact!

Nevertheless, you fought your way through evil overlord's dungeon, dispatching accountants left and right, and finally arrived at the throne room of the Frost Barbarian Diablolo. After a long and dramatic battle, you plunged your brass knuckles into his elbow. The entire dungeon unexpectedly began to collapse as soon as the evil airhead was dead, but you managed to escape with your life, and claimed your reward from the grateful people of Eggshire.

Loot:endless flagon of bullywug ale
tack hammer of contempt
endless flagon of accountant sack