Life was hard as an orphan on the streets of Frog, without a father or wife to teach you right from wrong. On the other hand, you wouldn't have grown up to be such a talented Thief otherwise.

You headed off into the wild wilderness of Waltermatthau in search of adventure, and upon your arrival at the great city of Waxton you heard a town crier shouting about how the the blacksmith's half-witted grandfather had been kidnapped by bandits, and the massive reward for their rescue. Not wanting to get in the way of the plot railroad, you set out on your new quest.

It wasn't a thing but you soon were confounded by a fiendish rune-deciphering puzzle, and by the time you figured out to solve it, you were upset as an underfed kitten.

You holed up in a small storeroom with a lockable door, and spent several weeks resting until your hitpoints were back to full. Then, keeping a careful eye out for barbarians, you made your way to the lair of Grim Lawyer Terrorsword and the object of your quest. You thought he nearly had you when he summoned a foul mimic to his aid, but you put paid to the beast with your Greyhawk Army knife and knocked the villain screaming into a cookie jar with a well-placed kick to the solar plexus. At last, the treasure was yours!

Loot:desperado-flavored deck of wimpy dancing
+23 arseguard of bullywug summoning
endless flagon of kobold sarsaparilla