Inspired by the great deeds of your mother, Harlequin Hopper, you knew from an early age you wanted to be a Fighter. After a scant 4 years of training, you were finally ready to seek your fortune in the large, indifferent world.

You rode into the city of Zevroozlchester, and met a shadowy stranger in a hooded cloak who was sitting in the corner of the local bar. He told you about the legendary Diamond Beaver of Phleberron, which is rumored to be hidden in an ancient dungeon near the village of Cowpat, and promised you a hefty fee if you could bring it to him. Figuring he wouldn't offer you the quest if it weren't level-appropriate, you readily agreed.

Everything was hunky-dory until you had to fend off half a dozen gnolls with your solar plexus trapped in a gelatinous cube. Fortunately, most of them ran away when the flesh golem showed up, and you played dead until it left. That's not very heroic, but hey, it worked.

But all that drama couldn't stop you. You'd never given up on anything, not even your childhood quest to shine all the sugar glider in your hometown of Stubborn Mule. So you kept going, right into the tannery of the evil Giant Hatredover. Fortunately for you, he was out for lunch at the time, so you could grab some loot and get out before you got your ankle handed to you.

Loot:coin of invisibility
endless flagon of badger tequiza
kneeguard of root beer