You always knew that the village of Frog wasn't big enough for you -- after all, it was just the one hut, and it was a small one. So, when you came of age, you decided to make a name for yourself as a Fighter. (You parents never gave you a name. You were hoping for "Leonardo".)

Having heard many rumors about how Schmalbion was being systematically sacked by a band of marauding jerks (who had already looted and burned the villages of Sto Lat, Phlegm, and Molehill), and the ludicrous reward being offered for the foot of their leader, you decided it was finally time to put your mettle to the test.

At first it was a real breeze, but then you wandered into a room totally full of dire dwarves, plus a rakshasa, which is weird because you would have figured they'd have killed each other. They made a pretty good attempt at killing you, though.

However, you managed to overcome the odds (and your injuries), and after a lengthy crawl through a ruin infested with bandits, you finally came upon the lair of the Grim Overlord Diabolico, who was guarding the object of your quest. The evil fiend fell before your shiv, and the land was finally free of his foul shenanigans. You made your way back to civilization, and basked in the glory of your success (and the reward money).

Loot:+2 rope of fishy forthrightness
extra-visible eyepad of albatross summoning
patriarchal coin of fireballs