When you were growing up in the little town of Rusty Nail, you always wanted to be a mighty Sorcerer. You ended up being a Fighter instead, because you didn't have the right prime requisites.

As luck would have it, as you were passing through the land of Flabbernathy, you stopped at the inn in the quiet hamlet of Frog, and heard the local "seamstress" talking about the ancient pyramid that the town had (perhaps ill-advisedly) been built next to, and the fantastic Silver Idol of Unpleasantor that was purported to be hidden there. Without bothering to ask why nobody had managed to recover it already, you set out on your very first quest.

Everything was hunky-dory until you got lost in a ruin -- all the walls looked exactly the same! You did find a sweet bastard sword +1 in a horse's lair, though, and were able to intimidate some hobos into telling you where their boss's hideout was. Right before they stabbed you in the solar plexus.

But, you put on your brave face, and made your way through the caverns and caves to where the Devil Lord Toothwinder held court over his horde of thin barbarians, and with uncountable swings of your dagger (and a few well-placed attacks of opportunity), you finally slew the horrible slack-jawed yokel and rode back to town to claim your glory (and reward).

Loot:bag of cantankerous thief control
elbowpads of contempt
bastard gloves of infravision